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Hi, Papa! 6.14.13

Cask, Loyal, Zoey. Zoey: “Oh, you thought your babies were cute, did you?” Gnome: “Hey, I’m all creepy back here in the dark.”

Hi Papa! 6.7.13

My combover is ready for middle management. Okay, get back to work, you. Serious.

Hi Papa! 6.4.13

I’m not sure what either of them might be thinking. Cascadian: I am distressed. I think. I think I am distressed. Maybe not. I am confused. Kitty: Hmmmm, baby head. Loyal: Bppppzzzzzzttsssppppt.

Hi Papa! 1.23.13

This is the reason why people have babies, right? Also. I left the room for five minutes, and somehow, Loyal found a way out of his pants. The kid does not like pants.

Hi Papa! 1.3.13

Huh? Wait! I wasn’t ready for my closeup! I am not amused by your amusement.