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Kitties and Babies: Symbiotic Relationships

Here is our kitty. Her name is Chicken. That pink ball next to Chicken is her “kitty fatso ball.” You see, Chicken’s previous owner said she was a picky eater. She would only eat raw food, and wouldn’t touch anything else. But she also begged for food constantly. I took this into consideration as we […]

Hi Papa! 6.4.13

I’m not sure what either of them might be thinking. Cascadian: I am distressed. I think. I think I am distressed. Maybe not. I am confused. Kitty: Hmmmm, baby head. Loyal: Bppppzzzzzzttsssppppt.

Nine Months, And A New Family Member

Our twin boys are nine months old. I know they are getting bigger, but I am somehow surprised whenever they achieve new milestones. Or when they learn something new. Or when their babbles start taking on a conversational articulateness. I see them getting bigger, but my inside reaction is always, “They don’t stay this way forever?” […]

Thank You

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts about the kitty. We are doing okay, all things considered. He had been sick for nearly a year, with a long, slow decline for the past few months. For a while, it didn’t even seem like he was sick. He ate the special low protein food, he drank a ton of […]

Goodnight, Sweet Boy

Schrodinger Von Kittenstein “Dinger” Or sometimes, “Ding Ding Kitty” 2001-2011 He was a good kitty.