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Somewhat Daily Photo 11.30.11

I never, ever denied that I was a crazy cat lady. We think he’s handsomer than all the other kitties.

Occupy Dave

The Occupy Dave Movement took a dangerous turn yesterday, with the commencement of “string pulling.” We are getting reports of damages, though they are unconfirmed at this time. Tensions have been running high, with neither the Occupied or the Occupier willing to concede any territory. One side has called for outside arbitration. But it really can’t be helped. […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 10.30.11

Occupy Dave. This occupation has been going on for days, and shows no signs of abating. We are trying to understand his demands, though we are suspicious he doesn’t know what he is protesting. Or, even more likely, he does not speak English.

CEO Cat Would Like His TPS Report

“Now, please.”

My Boys

One, napping. I wuv them.