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This Is What My Week Looked Like

He’s feeling better.

A Sick Kitty And Litter Box Adventures

I have a cat. This is a crazy cat lady post. If you’re not into cute, loveable, fuzzy-wuzzy kittiness or cat crap, you may exit now. I got my cat about ten years ago. He was born to a feral mom under a house in Burbank, California. I had friends who tended to the litter […]

You Know Who’s Awesome?

This guy.

I Want To Grow Stuff

For months now, I have been dreaming of growing a vegetable garden. Not long after the season started changing, and the sky started getting lighter, I also started feeling cramped in our tiny little downtown apartment. We had moved so many times, had downsized so much, and worked towards the goal of living smaller and […]

Country Songs and Kitties

We’ve been doing a lot of walking in our new small town. It’s allowed us to leave the car parked, to slow down, and to absorb our new environment. The river, the hills, the old buildings, the friendly people, and the country music. Walking in town means observing the flow of traffic, and I’ve noticed […]