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New Adventures in Frugality

You know what? Kitty litter shouldn’t goddamn cost $20. It’s sand meant to be shit on. It may have perfume, and it might have blue crystals in it, but it shouldn’t be goddamned $20 for an 8 pound bag. We are just days away from no longer having regular income. Can you tell I’m a […]

Kitty Has A Woobie

Years ago, I noticed that whenever I used a certain type of fuzzy soft yarn for my crochet, my cat would come over and knead the balls of yarn. He didn’t do it for every yarn, just this soft fuzzy kind. He’d start purring, just looking at it. He’d go stand on the ball of […]

In Our House: Napkins = Kitty Butt Wipes

I shoo my cat off the table and counters. He’s not supposed to be up there. I’ve shooed him off surfaces his whole life. Of course, I’ve worked regular jobs the whole time I’ve had him also, so he’s free to do what he pleases when no one is home. So when I yell at […]

Laundry Day

Does Your Kitty Chase Shadows?

Mine does.