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Friday Cat Blogging

We were out for beers with a bunch of friends the other night. Every person at the table was a pet owner. And somehow the conversation turned to the delightful topic of our pets’ anal glands. Dave, sitting next to me, had grown up in a large family, but he never had any pets. He […]


He’s a loaf of fur. I try not to say “furloaf” in polite conversation.  It sounds vaugely obscene.  But he’s just a kitty.

Normal, normal, normal.

Our place is still a mess of boxes. It’s very modern and industrial and not very “homey.” It’s not cozy yet. With all the mess and chaos and the lists of things to do, it’s been easy for me to feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s not relaxing. I have wanted to just sit and crochet […]

December: Shaping Up To Explode My Head

I like this time of year. Holidays in the city are nice. Now that it’s December, holiday music is acceptable and enjoyable. I like seeing people decorate their houses. I like neighborhood holiday light grudge matches. If you and your neighbors compete over who blows the most fuses, I am your target audience. I will drive to your […]

Updates: A List

1. My site is still wonky. I haven’t been able to create new posts. The only reason I’m able to write this post is because it was an abandoned draft that I am overwriting. Yahoo is my host and the last time I called, they told me “the ticket has been escalated.” I guess there are settings unrelated to WordPress […]