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72 Hours in California

I’m back from my mad dash trip to southern California. I arrived late Thursday and stayed with my sister in her new apartment in Redondo Beach. And it was on the beach, like REALLY on the beach. Like, on the sand. I could hear the ocean waves as I drifted off to sleep.  And she watches pirate […]

Welcome, Legions of Cat People

Sunday, I was minding my own beeswax. I was NOT doing laundry, or my dishes, or sweeping my floor, as I had planned. It was a beautiful day out! It was so much more conducive to doing other non-productive, non-outdoor activities, like screwing around on the internet! But I did sit by the window, felt the […]

The Furry Bastard Rides Anew

For a teasingly short, brief amount of time, my cat stopped being an insufferable pain in the ass. He was quiet at night. He curled up by my side, instead of roosting his furry 12 pounds on my ribcage as I slept. He was affectionate and sweet. He seemed not so interested in knocking books […]

I Guess I Lost

He begs and begs and begs for attention, so I give it to him (i.e. fuck with him a little) and he goes all berserk. I can’t even make him eat his own tail tease him a little. What is the point, I ask? A bull dog puppy would not do this.  I bet an […]

This Is Me

Except I don’t have a TV. This is by Simon Tofield. This is the third cute cartoon you should watch about his annoying cat. This, hopefully, will be the last post I write involving cats for at least 24 hours.