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Portrait of an Anxious Personality: A (Partial) List

Here’s a list of things that sometimes keeps me up at night. 1. I have not yet been made Employee of the Month at work. I’ve been there for 6 months. Don’t they see how awesome I am yet? If not, am I slacking off too much? Do I need to work harder at hiding […]

Cats: The Sociopaths of Pets

It’s Friday Furry Bastard Blogging, now on Thursday!  It’s how we roll here, bitches! Tomorrow is a travel day for me, and you won’t be at work wasting time and reading blogs tomorrow anyway.  So TODAY is a good day to pound another nail into my eventual spinster-crazy-cat-lady coffin. This is an email discussion I […]

Friday Furry Little Bastard Blogging

I’m an unmarried woman, in her mid thirties, who blogs about her cat. I’m fulfilling a neglected niche. Feel free to exit now. Otherwise, read on about how he’s a furry little bitch. Owning a cat means I signed up for a number of things. One of them is having a box of shit in […]

Friday Cat Blogging: Fountains of Puke

A friend went out of town and she gave me her lovely mother’s day flowers. I thought this would be an interesting scientific experiment. My cat eats plants. I know this. Even fake plants. And fake flowers. If it looks vaguely vegetal, he’ll try to eat it. So a bouquet of flowers looks like a […]

The Workings of a Diabolical Kitty Brain

His brain is the size of a walnut. This, again, NOT evidence of that I am a crazy cat lady. YET.