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The Vice President

Schrodinger Von Kittenstein. The title of Vice President is largely ceremonious, after a tragic fall from grace, the result of embarrassing allegations involving late-night carpet urination. Though there were numerous witnesses, he maintains his innocence, perhaps belying a failing grasp on reality. The VP does not have veto power.

Livin’ Like a Tom Petty Song

I don’t like to say I am living on the floor. I like to say I’m “free of furniture.” Because, you know, furniture is like, such a hassle, you know? Through all the upheaval, moving, vet visits, plane rides, other scary pets, long drives, scuzzy motels, my cat has endured like a champion. He can […]

Jobs, Apartments and Kitties

I’m looking for apartments. And a job. And freezing my ass off. More on this soon. But first, a movie of a cat with a cup on her face: Keetah With A Cup On Her Face from Mile73 on Vimeo. This is Keetah, my sister’s cat. This was a trick she performed herself. My sister […]