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The Dumbest Way To Almost Break Your Toe

I think I could maybe write a whole blog about grocery store consumerism. I have some of my more profound insights about our society while shopping for noodles and kitty litter. I believe that being thoughtful in the grocery store is exactly what retailers don’t want. I think they want us softened up by the […]

Schrödinger’s Cholesterol

I got a note from my doctor’s office that they have an unfulfilled request for a lipid test. I know just what this is for. My doctor ordered it months ago. But I’m hesitant to go in for this test. At the beginning of the year, I went in for a slew of doctor and […]

Driving Without Directions

I can’t be the only one to do this. I hop in the car to drive someplace unfamiliar and forget to get detailed directions. Or maybe I drove somewhere once a long time ago and I vaguely remember how to get there. I seem to do this remarkably often. I don’t realize I don’t know […]

Mind If I Stare?

Okay, if you have a bruise or a cut or a gaping wound on your face, I will most likely stare at it. I will also likely want to know what happened. I don’t mean to be rude. I feel as though an injury is a curious thing and can withstand a little inquiry. And […]

Whew! That Was Fun!

It turns out, when you accidentally delete your blog database, it only takes five hours of freaking out to fix it! Awesome! But so far, all the little issues I was having with comments not showing up in my backend (and boy, does my backend get comments) and other various issues seems to be gone. […]