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The Beginning Of An Era

You probably know someone, or perhaps *are* someone who always seems to have some kind of stain on their clothing. I’m not judging. Lots of the people I’ve met who have stains on their clothes are really smart.  Like, too-smart-to-know-their-shoes-are-untied smart. They don’t have time to contemplate the theory of displacement, where when you bite your hot dog […]

Almost Failed At The DMV

It would be much easier and probably advisable to keep my embarrassing stories to myself. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers me an unbelievable opportunity: Like a full scholarship to art school, or a fabulous job, or a position as Colin Meloy’s personal roadie. Or a pony. And then someone checks the […]

Undiagnosed Childhood Autism or Aspergers or Something

This is a story from my childhood that is related to camping. It is my mom’s favorite story to tell people we barely know. It’s extra effective because it embarrasses both me and my dad. Perfect for telling my dad’s coworkers at holiday parties, and any prom date I dared bring home. Mercifully, I had […]

Islands and Eye Wrinkles

I left Hawaii because I was getting a wrinkle under my eye. There were other reasons why I left a beautiful, lush, tropical paradise. But that was the major reason. An eye wrinkle. It wasn’t gradual. I woke up one day and I had a huge friggen line under my eye. And ONLY on the […]

She’s Still Got It

Today. I woke up somewhat late. I didn’t sleep well. This might have something to do with the Narrowly-Averted-Though-Still-Panic-Inducing-Near-Tragedy that almost befell me when I tried to check into my hotel last night. I had booked my hotel through a couple weeks ago. They had my reservation on file (I called before leaving Hawaii […]