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Here’s What Happens When A (Former) Accountant Gets Pregnant

Okay, so this post may be interesting to exactly no one. But it sort of shows what a difference five years have made in my life. And it shows exactly how anal I can be, if left to my own devices. I’m guessing you were eating your breakfast this morning, and thinking, “Huh. I wonder […]

If You Are My Friend, You Will Do This For Me

Okay, right. So, babies on the way. Are you tired of me yakking about this yet? Are you tired of all the baby bullcrap? Are you worried I’m going to slip into a parent stupor where all I can talk about is our precious little snowflakes and the adorable poopies they make? Really, I am […]

Shock Therapy

So you’ve heard me complain about being bored with the internet. I know, it’s blasphemous. When I have these occasional episodes, there is clearly something wrong with me. I need to realign my priorities and stop being distracted by the real world. So we are house sitting this weekend in a house that HAS NO […]

Napping Problem

So, everyone like naps, right? Sleep is awesome.┬áNaps are great. Sleeping at a time other than the conventional, acceptable “overnight” period of time is like a delicious indulgence. Especially if you’ve run a marathon, or if you are tired from sitting in front of a computer all day, or if you’re not the greatest sleeper, […]

Saving Socks, And Also: Why I Must Be A Loony

Okay, so socks. Love em, right? I love socks. I wear them around the house. I wear them to bed. I have specific socks that are better for walking. I have probably 40 pairs of socks and it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Why? Because I also have shitty socks. I have socks I don’t […]