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I Want To Grow Stuff

For months now, I have been dreaming of growing a vegetable garden. Not long after the season started changing, and the sky started getting lighter, I also started feeling cramped in our tiny little downtown apartment. We had moved so many times, had downsized so much, and worked towards the goal of living smaller and […]

Only Slightly Less Lady Crazy

My significant other has confided in me that the reason he finds me so charming is because (he says) I’m so much less crazy than other women. I’m not sure how he has come to this conclusion. Because I will readily admit, I got plenty of the woman crazy. I have specifically and and repeatedly […]

Zombie Tired

I also go through phases where I can’t sleep at night. I fall asleep just fine. And I do everything I can to keep myself asleep through the night. I don’t drink coffee past noon. I try not to have sugar past 6. Before bed, I have myself a goodnight pee. I put in ear […]

I’m Not Much Of A Sports Fan

I didn’t sleep all that great the other night. I tossed and turned and I couldn’t shut off my brain. Want to know why? Because I was at the goddamned Timbers game the night before. It was a semi finals game. It was an nail biting, hard-played game. It was amazing and gut wrenching. It […]

This Just In: I Am A Nutjob

I love everything about the word nutjob. I slip in into conversation as often as I can. It covers so many bases with such minimal effort. Politicians, coworkers, hormonal women, crabby kitties. All covered. It’s a word that so easily fits in the side of your mouth, “Get a load of that nutjob.” It feels […]