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Silverware Adventures

It’s been a few months since The Roommate and I became, well, roommates, and after combining two households into one apartment with no closets, we have purged or consolidated our belongings into a cozy little nest. We’re settled in and pretty much have everything we need. However, it was not long ago that we chafed […]

Anxiety: It’s A Non-Stop Party

So, yo, peep this: I’m anxious. Don’t know if you noticed. It’s one of those core personality traits that no amount of self reflection, stress management or booze can completely eliminate. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, like “Oh, I should pay my car loan soon,” and other times it’s a raging torrent like, “OMFG I haven’t […]

Some People May Call It Anality

I prefer to call it “Prophetic Practicality.” I have two sets of sheets that I bought at the same time. They are identical except for the color. When I strip the bed to launder them, I like to switch out one sheet set for the other. I alternate between my sets of sheets so that […]

Moving Briskly Along

It didn’t occur to me that moving into an apartment without closets would make me have to “deal with” the copious amounts of crap that I have accumulated. My last apartment had a closet the size of a garage. So I had plenty of boxes that I shoved into a corner and dismissed. I would […]

I Need A Vacation

I had a vivid dream last night that I was on vacation in Hawaii. It is the second such dream I’ve had in a week. And in both dreams, I am only there for a very short, panicky amount of time. I am rushed, and I should be on my way to leave, but the […]