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This Is EXACTLY The Kind Of Story I Should Keep To Myself

Over the weekend, I walked in on a conversation about recurring dreams. I get these. I have recurring themes and locations in my dreams. One dream will pick up where another left off. Or in dreamland, I will visit some fictional place repeatedly. And I will think to myself, “I’ve been here before.” The discussion caused […]

Here’s Why I’m Certifiable

Friday my company went to a ropes course for a team building event. I was assured by people I trusted that it was a lot of fun the last time they went.  When I say that I “trusted” them, it means that those people seemed equally (or less) athletic and adventurous than me. So I figured if […]

The Deep, Deep Depths of My Anality

I got my car washed Sunday. It’s not as easy to get your car washed in Oregon as it is in southern California. There are car washes on every corner in Los Angeles, with armies of undocumented workers that frequently work for tips only. I think Oregonians have a healthier attitude towards cars and are […]

I Have a Disease!

I’m not a hypochondriac. At least I don’t think I am. I’m not a person who ALWAYS has some physical ailment, like the archetypal annoying coworker or Aunt Gertrude. “Oi! My sciatica!” I am probably more dismissive of little aches and pains than I should be. Like how I’ve had an odd little “dead zone” […]

I Was NOT Drunk When This Happened

Now, then. I am not willing to admit, being a gal of northern European heritage, that I could possibly get tipsy from just two pints of cider. Especially after appetizers and a big plate of fish and chips. And I *extra* especially would not get tipsy while in the presence of my boss and coworkers. […]