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Strangers on Bridges

I’m not really superstitious. I don’t throw salt or knock on wood or sacrifice goats. I might spend a second or two hoping for a safe flight as I buckle in on a plane. Or I silently wish everyone on the plane safe travels. And if someone is a real bastard who has it coming, […]

Art Supplies, Books, Yarn and Mental Illness

Last weekend I went for a walk to Utrecht. Utrecht is an art supply store and therefore, a very dangerous place for me. I had a specific thing to buy and I needed to be clear about my intentions before I stepped through the door. Because, you see, I am an uncontrollable dork for art […]

I Am NOT a Dork for Star Trek

I was taking the streetcar home tonight, and with most forms of public transportation, there is an automated voice announcing the stops. The streetcar is fairly new and squeaky clean. It takes a little longer for me to get to work, but the ride is pleasant, and entirely worthwhile to avoid traffic and the fight […]

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

I’m naturally a fairly anxious person. As of late, I have an extra number of large things to be anxious about. Unemployment is a fat big one. New city, no money, street parking, no furniture, etc, are all smaller worries that all mix together in a nice, piping-hot plate of Anxiety Pie with a side […]