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Belly At 26 Weeks And Stuff

Are you ready for this belly? I’ve had a few people who haven’t seen me in a while and they are surprised I’m not showing more. Like, “You’re not massive! I thought you’d be grotesquely huge by now!” I feel pretty okay about that. I’m sort of tall, at 5’8,” and we know one of the […]

File Under: Nuts, Running Around Like

Okay, so: Hello internet. I see you still exist even when I go away for a week or two. We have been running around like nutty whack-a-doos. Dave starts his new job in Portland *today.* Huge. This was the first big piece that needed to fall into place in order for us to move back […]

Working. Or What I Call Work, Anyway

Yes, work. We do that sometimes, even though we don’t have employers. I have lists and lists and lists and lists of stuff filled with various things in multiple forms of media. I have no less than 6 lists on my desk written on paper. In neat little writing with red ink, because I like […]

Here’s My Goddamned Happy List

I realized recently that I talk about My Goddamned Happy List all the time, but I never actually wrote it down. It’s mostly a mental list, but then it’s easy to forget what makes me happy, and then I’d be a walking existential crisis. And I know me, I’d probably start writing bad poetry. My […]

My First Week of Semi-Employment

I have a very long list of things to get done “when I have the time.” Do you have one of these lists too? I began adding to it in earnest when it began to look like I’d be reducing my hours at my job. Now I have a list filled with projects and tasks […]