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Wrestling A Bear

This past weekend in Portland, we got hit with one of the first winter storms of the fall, meaning, it was rainy AND windy. So while the rain pounded and the trees swayed outside, we hunkered in and, wow, what a shit ton of stuff we got done over here. I listed a bunch of […]

The Good, The Bad, The Frustrating

Okay, The Good: Healthcare reform. I came out of my weeks-long, self-imposed political news boycott to get up to speed on what our esteemed political leaders have in store for us. I’m about as progressive as they come, so I am frustrated that there no public option yet. But some kind of reform passed, and […]

End Of The List

I’ve had some extra time as of late because I called in sick to work because I was sick. We spent the past weekend at home, working on projects, doing laundry, and eating soup. And by the end of the weekend, I felt pretty caught up. Now, wait. At any given time, I probably have […]

Rules to Live By

Bear with me, as I wrote this post, I was feeling the lingering irritation from a rather shitty commute home, and the soothing effect of vodka and cherry cider. I may add a category for “Drunk Blogging.” I was realizing I have a number of um, idiosyncrasies, and thought I’d write them down as I […]

Crap Weather = Site Redesign

I may be the only one to feel this way, but I’m a little bit relieved for the summer to be winding down. Summer was go-go-go with the street fairs and the cultural fests and the Timbers games and camping trips and the road trips. I don’t think I vacuumed for three whole months. You […]