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Here’s A Goddamn Happy List

Around the first of the year, I mentioned how great 2008 was for me, and that I felt as though I should sneak off with my good fortune and hope no one noticed. It seems perhaps that pendulum came swinging back this week. First with the health insurance denials. (As an update, I have about […]

Normal, normal, normal.

Our place is still a mess of boxes. It’s very modern and industrial and not very “homey.” It’s not cozy yet. With all the mess and chaos and the lists of things to do, it’s been easy for me to feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s not relaxing. I have wanted to just sit and crochet […]

Updates: A List

1. My site is still wonky. I haven’t been able to create new posts. The only reason I’m able to write this post is because it was an abandoned draft that I am overwriting. Yahoo is my host and the last time I called, they told me “the ticket has been escalated.” I guess there are settings unrelated to WordPress […]

Portrait of an Anxious Personality: A (Partial) List

Here’s a list of things that sometimes keeps me up at night. 1. I have not yet been made Employee of the Month at work. I’ve been there for 6 months. Don’t they see how awesome I am yet? If not, am I slacking off too much? Do I need to work harder at hiding […]