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Somewhat Decent Proposal

I had a dream last night (yes this is a blog post about a dream I had, so go fill out your lame blogger bingo card), I had a dream last night that a somewhat famous person wanted to sleep with me. I’m not going to tell you who the famous person was.* And while […]

I Never Thought I Was Going To Get Married

I seriously never thought I was going to get married. Even in my early twenties, in the beginning of being of “marriageable age,” with my whole life ahead of me, I didn’t think I would ever be married. I saw people, who seemed impossibly young, pair off and tie the knot. I grew up in […]

Two Years

Today is my two year anniversary of being married to Dave. We still like each other.¬†Being married to Dave is pretty awesome. But here’s the nutty thing: For each of our anniversaries, we could have never guessed at what the coming year would hold for us. Last year, we were jobless loafers taking a creative¬†sabbatical […]

Little Peanuts, Their Names and WTF Moments

Holy crap, babies are awesome. So is my husband. Dave has taken such good care of us all. I had a few days of being pretty helpless, and Dave did everything for me. This whole birthing thing has laid waste all my personal dignities. All different parts of my body have been hanging out, leaking, […]

Boys Are Dumb

Now, hear me out on this. Years ago, Dave and I were out for a hike. This was before we had ever discussed getting married, and waaaay before we ever thought we would have kids. It was a nice day in the early spring, before most people would consider going out for a walk in […]