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Cause For Concern?

Here are two books that are being read in our household right now. One of us is reading one book, while the other of us is reading the other. See if you can guess who is reading what. I know! Aren’t we hilarious!?! No! I’m not nervous or panicked at all! Nothing to see here!* […]

“You’re A Nervous Talker, Aren’t You?”

About, oh, say, exactly four years ago today I met Dave. On Valentine’s Day. I told you, I’ll never shut up with this story. Shortly after our first meeting, I wanted to drive to the Oregon coast for the first time. I was planning to go by myself, but Dave invited himself along. He didn’t […]

How To Marry Your Internet Stalker

This is the draft I used to have my story in my brain for Mike Vogel’s screening of Did You Kiss Anyone on Tuesday. The draft below was way more material than I could have used, and predictably, I forgot a lot of it. I regret I missed some of the points I wanted to […]

We Are One Of THOSE Couples

Over the weekend in Portland, Dave and I visited one of the restaurants we used to frequent for breakfast. We don’t like to wait at restaurants. Or rather, I’m ambivalent. But Dave super hates waiting in line for pretty much anything. The ferocity of his dislike balances out my ambivalence. So I can just say […]

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