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A Year Ago Today, This Happened

A year ago today, we doubled our dork power and got married. I like to think our benevolent unicorn ancestors looked upon us and smiled. A year already! Holy crap, I love this man.  

My Boys

One, napping. I wuv them.

Picking Noses In Public

You know what is awesome? Marriage. Dave (my husband) and I walked from our apartment into town yesterday to go to the farmers market. It’s about a mile to walk. This is a little mid week farmers market put on by River People, which only sells North Coast produce, eggs, meat and seafood. There was […]

What Happy Relationships Are Made Of

In the spring, we bought asparagus every time we went to the grocery store. Except Dave didn’t call it asparagus, he called it broccoli. He did it every time. He could hold the asparagus in his hand and point at it emphatically and call it “broccoli.” I’d ask him, “You mean asparagus?” He’d sigh and […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: The Drive Home

By nearly all measures, our honeymoon was too short. It was nice to feel far away, away, away for however short a time. Driving long distances actually makes you comprehend how far you are from home. But we could have gone unplugged for a few more days. Maybe even a week. It may or may […]