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Oregon Style Honeymoon: Sightseeing In The Rain

Giant photos ahead. This post may take a while to load. I should have mentioned one of our first dilemmas as we settled into our cabin for our romantic and rustic honeymoon. We had stopped at the local mom and pop grocery store in Joseph to get some groceries and some classy wine. Then we […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: The Far East

Our next day of driving was from Prairie City to Joseph, Oregon. 209 miles. As we took our leave from the lovely, but weak-ass coffee town of Prairie City, we looked back to get a view of the Strawberry Mountain range. You can’t throw a rock in Oregon without hitting some dramatic scenery. Okay, well […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: Day Two

Ready for some goddamned Oregon? This post has a few big photos, so tell your modem I said I’m sorry. Or you can tell your modem I said bite me. Whichever you prefer.

Oregon Style Honeymoon, Part One: Oregon State Fair

A quick window of internet access in Prairie City, Oregon. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but they have free wireless. And good fried chicken. After this, we are in the woods and mountains. I’ve been to a couple of county fairs now, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a state fair. I […]

OTG: Off The Grid

We are off to drive across Oregon on our honeymoon. We’ll be out of cell phone range, away from internet and without access to Twitter. Wish us luck. You can bet yer butt we’ll have photos and blog posts when we get back.