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First Trip With Our New Little Camper

It was a comment on one of my blog posts that made me want to check out Paradise Creek. We tend to camp at the same places over and over again, and I wanted to expand our horizons a bit. Like most campgrounds, all the reservable sites filled up for the summer weekends. But Paradise […]

Carry On, Little Ducky

This makes me happier than it ought to. No YOU are immature.

Kitties and Babies: Symbiotic Relationships

Here is our kitty. Her name is Chicken. That pink ball next to Chicken is her “kitty fatso ball.” You see, Chicken’s previous owner said she was a picky eater. She would only eat raw food, and wouldn’t touch anything else. But she also begged for food constantly. I took this into consideration as we […]

Hi Papa! 7.30.13

I used to be a baby, Papa! Remember that?

A Camper! Fuck Yeah!

When I get chilled, my nose freezes. No, it really does freeze. Like ice. It freezes off. And then I have a blank spot in the middle of my face. Are you letting that image settle in your brain?┬áBut then my nose grows back like a starfish leg or a polliwog tail or whatever. I’m […]