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An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter 5

Portland to Seattle to watch the Timbers play against the Seattle Sounders. The “Daring Incredible Mission!” Chapter! 175 miles. 3ish-4ish hours or so. It was me driving, Dave: Who Demands Beer, and two good friends and fierce Timbers Army gals, Diane and Amy. This time, ride was less for drive than for the destination, as […]

Happy Mother’s Day

This is a photo of my mom before I came around. My mom is a hottie. Happy Mother’s Day to my hottie mom and all moms!

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

I have only ever seen my new city in the winter. The weather is warming up and we’ve had a number of fantastic sunny days in the past month. All the tree leaves have unfurled and created green canyons out of the city streets. And it’s not wussy green. It’s big, fat, riotous green. Leaves […]

Three Months

On January 26th, I had just arrived in Portland and was staying at the super scary Motel 6 on Powell. I had been in town for 5 days and was sort of frantically looking for a job and apartment. I think back on the first week I arrived, and I’m thankful I don’t put myself […]

The Workings of a Diabolical Kitty Brain

His brain is the size of a walnut. This, again, NOT evidence of that I am a crazy cat lady. YET.