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An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter Four

The Ka-Pow! Chapter. Because we visited an explosive volcano! And it could have blown at any minute! We live on the EDGE! When I was a kid, I remember climbing into the hot, dusty attic of our house. My childhood home was originally a horse stable for a larger estate that had burned down. I’m […]

Goodbye Soccer Mom

Before: “Eat your goddamned waffles, kids.” After: “I have a tattoo.”

Someone I Know REALLY Likes Salad

One of the absolute best ways to get to know someone is to live with them. I’m in my mid thirties, and I’ve had a fair number of roommates, all with varying levels of craziness. Many of my former roommates probably thought I was the crazy one. I get touchy when people disturb the sleeping […]

Art Supplies, Books, Yarn and Mental Illness

Last weekend I went for a walk to Utrecht. Utrecht is an art supply store and therefore, a very dangerous place for me. I had a specific thing to buy and I needed to be clear about my intentions before I stepped through the door. Because, you see, I am an uncontrollable dork for art […]

Driving Topless

It was a super clear, sunny day here in Portland. I had previously demanded that my neighbor take me for a spin in his convertible. And today he knocked on my door. And we went for a spin. We drove up through the stately neighborhood of Kings Heights to Council Crest, the highest point in […]