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An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter III

My goal on Sunday was to see some trees and some snow. I heard they have those things here in Oregon. Seeking snow could be easy in many respects. If it’s raining in town (as it has been, non-stop, for the past week), it is likely snowing in the higher elevations. Seeing snow is good. […]

First Hero to Visit PDX

Yesterday, my dad arrived with a Dodge Durango filled with boxes of my crap. He rented the Durango in LA and drove 1000 miles to bring me my stuff. Then we hauled 20 boxes up two and a half flights of stairs. Most of those boxes were filled with nice, heavy books. I wasn’t a […]

The Vice President

Schrodinger Von Kittenstein. The title of Vice President is largely ceremonious, after a tragic fall from grace, the result of embarrassing allegations involving late-night carpet urination. Though there were numerous witnesses, he maintains his innocence, perhaps belying a failing grasp on reality. The VP does not have veto power.

An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter II

You can find Chapter One of “An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas” here. Yesterday, I went for a drive up the coast with my new friend Dave, the Guy Who Knows Portland. He also has a blog that you should visit, especially if you like beer, or if you want to learn the goings-on […]

First Week of Employment

I have returned to the ranks of the working class. It was entirely pleasant. There was nothing stressful about it. All of my cow-orkers are extremely nice. EXTREMELY nice. Like, can you be for real? Are you always like this? Are you always this nice? I can’t help but view this collection of very nice, […]