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Sunday Morning

Today is My Sister’s Birthday

Isn’t she cute? Look at these two. Isn’t he fabulous? I haven’t met my husband yet, but he already hates this guy. If these two beautiful people procreate, they will make children so adorable, it will cause explosions and implosions and black holes in the space-time continuum and we’re all going to JUST DIE. I […]

Someone, Somewhere, Did Not Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

Furniture Daydreams

In the past 12 months, I have shed a large percentage of my earthly possessions. I used to have bookshelves, kitchen knives, a vacuum cleaner, a couch, a dining set, a dresser, an ice cream scoop, and many, many other things. I got rid of a lot of stuff for my various moves (I moved […]

Updates: A List

Cat Update: My sister’s cat, AKA Peg Leg McKeetah, the Pirate Cat, has had surgery and now she’s one leg lighter. She’s hanging out at my parent’s place, recovering and cursing the New York Giants. New York Giants, can you see what you’ve done to this poor, defenseless kitty? Shameful! Umbrella Update: I bought an […]