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Hanging Out

We are moving into our new house next week. And that, right now, is pretty much everything. But here’s us, you know, hanging out. I didn’t think they could get cuter. But somehow, they do.

So. We Are Buying A House.

I moved to Oregon in early 2008. In that amount of time, we have moved seven times, including a one year job-free excursion to Astoria that resulted in us having twins. Before that, I lived in Hawaii for four months. Before that, I lived in the Los Angeles area for six years or so. In […]

Moving, Again

Yes, again. It’s a yearly thing. It’s a tradition. Since I moved to Portland, and since Dave and I have been together, we have moved five times. This will be our sixth move. In five years. We have never renewed a lease. I realize this sounds exhausting and maybe a little silly. Isn’t moving a […]

A Slow Moment In The Chaos

At the beginning of this week, I was running around Astoria like a nut, making the final push before we had movers come to take our worldly belongings back to Portland. It happens every time we move. Every damn time. I always think moving will not be such a big deal, it won’t be such […]

Farewell For Now, Astoria

So we are excited about moving back to Portland. We love Portland. But we also love Astoria, and it is bittersweet to wrap up our lives here. Every time I drove back to Astoria after being away, I would take a deep breath, gaze over the ships in the river, the hills of Washington, the […]