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Getting More Normalish

I am getting settled in my new place. “Getting settled” means dropping boatloads of cash at Target and Ikea. It’s a déjà vu experience to be buying laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, dishes, and silverware organizers. Not long ago, I owned all these things. And I sold them for pennies on the dollar at a yard […]

Livin’ Like a Tom Petty Song

I don’t like to say I am living on the floor. I like to say I’m “free of furniture.” Because, you know, furniture is like, such a hassle, you know? Through all the upheaval, moving, vet visits, plane rides, other scary pets, long drives, scuzzy motels, my cat has endured like a champion. He can […]

I am Officially an Oregon Resident

I took the downtown studio. I’m a city girl! I have an actual address! Booze, coffee, groceries all within walking distance! I have no furniture, so I’m sleeping, eating, sitting, and putting my shoes on while on the floor! You try putting on your shoes without something to sit on! I made it out of […]


First rest stop. There was no “Welcome to Oregon” sign heading north on interstate 5. I was disappointed. How am I supposed to know where I am? I could STILL be in California for all I know. I did pass by a “Mile 73,” however. I did not get out and take photos. Hello Oregon! […]


I am staying in a Motel 6 while I look for an apartment. It’s just under $52 a night. I’m trying my best not to touch anything. The hotel room doesn’t have a tub or a shower stall but a flimsy fiberglass shower “pod” in the corner of the bathroom. I guess it’s cheap and […]