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I’m here.

I’m in Portland. It’s cold enough to freeze puddles. Why did no one think to talk me out of this? Water freezes here! What the hell? Does NO ONE care about me? The drive was a breeze. Traffic was great, the scenery was anywhere from mildly interesting to absolutely breathtaking. On the final descent off […]

Gittin’ This Show on the Road

So I’m moving to Portland. I had been thinking about Albuquerque also. I like the desert, butte mountains and cactus. I have a fantasy of building a thick-walled, adobe, straw bale house one day. Sony will be moving people to ABQ in the summer. The timing is not so great. It’s been nice visiting with […]

Not Leaving on Jan 10

I caught a cold. I can’t move to Portland with a cold. I’m at my Mom and Dad’s place, eating chicken soup, and letting all the pets pig-pile on top of me. A large, stinky, wet-nosed, mouth-breathing pig-pile.

Maybe ABQ?

Maybe? Coyote tapestries and turquoise jewelry? Adobe houses, kiva fireplaces and 300 days of sun? Maybe?

Know What This Is?

  It’s a sock. I think my dad gave me these socks. It’s mate is long missing after being used as an impromptu iPod case. I have had this one sock for years. It has traveled from Florida, to Massachusetts to California to Hawaii. Now it is going to Oregon. You want to know why? […]