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I’m up to my eyeballs in books, clothes and boxes. I have a week and a day before I leave for Christmas. So I’m just trying to wrap up here. I’m mailing all my belongings through the post office. I’m bringing the cat to the vet next week for a health certificate so he can […]

I Walked a Lot Today

Before I talk about today, just a quick note about yesterday: My interview at the temp agency went well. If I may allow a bit of self-praise: I interview well. I can talk the talk-talk and the blah-blah (and the yadda yadda.) I ended up spending over two and a half hours there. I spoke […]


Hi. I’m moving. To either Portland or Seattle. I don’t know which just yet. I’m leaning towards Portland, but I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve never been to either of these cities, so I could possibly end up in Albuquerque, with 300 days of sun a year (as opposed to 70 days of sun a […]