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Getting Settled

This is a post about closets. I’m not kidding. We have SIX closets in our new apartment. Sssssiiiixxxx closets. We have more closet space in our new place than we had total square footage in our last apartment. I know it takes some audacity to write and post photos about my closet space. Why would […]


Holy crap. We moved. I drove the truck. I wasn’t too freaked out about it. I’ve driven moving vans and trucks before. The little ones. I reserved a ten foot truck, but, ha, they didn’t have ten foot trucks. They only had fifteen foot trucks. We got it for the same price, but I still […]

Tell Me Again Why We Do This So Often?

When you pack boxes in 533 square feet of space, there’s no real place to put anything. We’ve had so little space that a lot of our stuff has stayed in boxes the whole time we’ve lived here. All four months. This is the fourth time I’ve moved in just over three years. It’s the […]

72 Hours: Moving, Again.

Yes, AGAIN. I’m going to milk the hell out of this graphic because I love it. Monday. We’ll load up the rental truck with all our worldly belongings and hit the road. We are packing furiously now. I’ve been running all over Portland this week, doing errands and taking care of last minute business. It […]

Moving to Astoria Update

We’ve made several trips to Astoria in the past week or so, to look at apartments and research housing. There are lots of cute, cheap places for rent. Renovated Victorians, old brick apartments, places with porches and river views. However, 90% of them say NO PETS. And we have a cute ass little kitty. We […]