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Big Announcement

Last week, Dave announced that he had put in his notice at work. He’s quitting his job. I also quit my job a couple months ago. We are essentially taking a leap and going paycheckless. This is exciting and freaky as hell. For the record, we aren’t independently wealthy, and we don’t have rich families […]

Wanting to Settle

In the past few weeks, I have come upon a sudden and urgent desire to plant a garden. I woke up one morning, dreaming of growing herbs and vegetables. The feeling came like lightning out of the blue, and has been nagging my brain. I imagine if I were religious, I’d take it as a […]

Anticipating the Thaw

Moving is done. Aren’t you glad? Because I sure am. I might talk about something else now. The past few weeks have been a Category 5 shit storm, and despite having gone part time at my job, and having an extra twenty hours in my week, I feel like I have been busier than if […]

Moving, Moving, Moving

Yes still. Weeks? Half a month? Forever? Friday, we hand over the keys to our old place. Saturday and Sunday, I plan to be inebriated.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I don’t know if I have a terminal case of naive optimism, but when faced with an impending task or deadline or obstacle, I tend to VASTLY underestimate how much of a pain in the ass it will be. Why do I do this? Or more pointedly, why would I do this more than once? […]