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Ghosts in Boxes

We’re moving in two days. I know, I can’t shut up about it. We are barely packed and aren’t nearly ready. But like most things in life, it’s not really “exciting” until there’s a looming deadline and endless procrastination, followed by white hot anxiety and a smidge of clinical insanity. We know how to party. […]

Intentional Uprootedness

My three year anniversary of moving to Portland was just a few days ago. To celebrate, we are moving to a new apartment this week. It is the third time I’ve moved since I’ve been here. This was a pattern in other cities I lived in as well. A new apartment every year or less. […]

Moving. Yes Again, Okay?

So it’s been right around a year, and it’s about that time that Dave and I get itchy scratchy to move again. We’ve relocated right around the holidays for the past two years, which by all indicators, means we ought to have our heads examined and/or screwed on tighter. The compulsion to up and move […]

Ten Years Ago, Part 1.5

A related tangent. Here is an after effect of relocating frequently: an unwarranted familiarity with items that would normally be lost and forgotten. Every time I move, which for the past 10 years or so has been once a year or sometimes twice a year, I purge more items that I have been lugging with […]

I Like My New Neighborhood

Yup, they’re chickens. They were just hanging out on top of these hedges. Dave had to point them out to me, because somehow, he is always better at spotting animals or weird things when we are out. Because, who expects chickens on hedges? They were all hunkered down and fluffed out against the cold. And […]