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I Think I Walk Faster Than Anyone Else On The Planet

Once in a while, I get into fits where the way for me to “relax” is to move around. If I’m preoccupied, I often feel like I need to be productive in a physical way, like cleaning or organizing, in order to chew things mentally. This doesn’t happen often enough that I’d call it a […]


Yes, we hired movers. But we still picked up lots of heavy objects and carried them around. Besides the enormo giant furniture, Dave and I probably moved as much as the movers did. Plus, we loaded up the car about a dozen times and carried stuff to our apartment with our noodley arms* *(Dave doesn’t […]

Shouldn’t I Be Tired Of This By Now?

I am frequently under the mistaken impression that I have thinned out my belongings. I feel like I am constantly getting rid of stuff. But if I’m constantly getting rid of stuff, how come I still have so much stuff? Shouldn’t there be less stuff, not more stuff? The only answer is that stuff at […]

Watch As My Head Puffs Up And Explodes Like a Tomato

Okay. Have you heard me talk about moving? The doormat and all that? I can’t shut up about it. Our apartment moving situation was settled way far in advance. The market is so soft and apartment buildings are so desperate for tenants, they are giving away free rent. So we secured an apartment weeks ago […]

Moving, Moving Everywhere, Where

We’re moving again. This time, to NoPo. I’m collecting boxes now. Hopefully, it won’t take half a month and be cancelled by 40 year storms. Plagues and locusts and frogs. Like last time. Also lately, the majority of my blog time has been working on redesign. It’s a lot of work. A veritable assload. But […]