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Instead Of Going To The Zoo…

We had a grand plan to go to the zoo this weekend to see this guy. It’s clear and sunny and it seems like it would be a perfect weekend to go to see baby animals. Except that it’s super windy with a chance of wind and frequent gales of wind.  It’s gusting to 134 […]

Normal, normal, normal.

Our place is still a mess of boxes. It’s very modern and industrial and not very “homey.” It’s not cozy yet. With all the mess and chaos and the lists of things to do, it’s been easy for me to feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s not relaxing. I have wanted to just sit and crochet […]

Moved. Finally.

I had given plenty of notice at my old place because I wanted a comfortable amount of time to move. I wanted to be able to make small trips, move small items in the car, and clean up at a leisurely pace. And normally, if things get done at the last possible second, it’s MY […]

17th Snow Of The Season

Goddamnit. In any other case, I would be totally happy to have all this snow. But today? Today, we’re supposed to be moving. Because we had postponed moving last weekend because it was snowing. The forecast for today had said this was supposed to be the only clear day all week. It’s been snowing off […]

First Snow Of The Season

First Snow of the Season from Mile73 on Vimeo. This is the view from-my-soon-to-be-former apartment. This is why we didn’t move today. They shut down I-5 for a while! Chains or studs required on all metro freeways! It’s craziness! And work is called off for tomorrow! I haven’t had a snow day in 10 years, bitches! Awesome! Talk […]