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Pain In The Ass People

For a time in 2007, I lived in Hawaii and I worked at Starbucks. I had just quit my relatively well paying job in Hollywood and moved to the Big Island to open a coffee shop with some friends. I didn’t know a thing about running a coffee shop. Though we were living in Kona, […]

Foot Detoxes Are Bullcrap

I’m a bit of a skeptic. I’m a raging skeptic, actually. I have a pretty low tolerance for foofery, fairy tales, traditional bullcrap, new agey bullcrap or ancient bullcrap. I don’t mind folks who are into it, since 90% of people who really believe in something are well intentioned and downright pleasant. Some people do […]

Fun With Food Poisoning

I had a discussion not long ago about blogging and my hesitation to write about some topics. I twist and turn over some ideas, debating with myself if I should really spend the time to write about, say, buying a pillow, or hurling a conditioner bottle at my toe in the shower, or my husband […]

A Little Less Of A Person

So. All my life I’ve been a fairly complete human being. Perhaps I am in the lifelong process of becoming “fully formed,” in a ethereal-wooy-bullcrap sort of way. But I am a “whole,” unspoiled, fully functional, mostly coherent human being. I’ve been responsible for myself since I left my parents’ house many, many years ago. […]

New Adventures in Frugality

You know what? Kitty litter shouldn’t goddamn cost $20. It’s sand meant to be shit on. It may have perfume, and it might have blue crystals in it, but it shouldn’t be goddamned $20 for an 8 pound bag. We are just days away from no longer having regular income. Can you tell I’m a […]