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In Defense of Being Less Than Honest

Okay, so I’m not a liar. But I’m not obsessed about telling the truth. When I hear someone say they need to be honest, or they defend Honesty At All Costs, regardless of the consequences, I find myself suspicious of their motives. Honesty seems like a virtue in most possible scenarios. I agree, for what […]

Conspiracy In My Armpits

I’m just going to continue with the personal care theme, seeing as how in a week, we’ve discussed zits, girlie product addiction, and how very sensitive I am. I’m SENSITIVE. A little while ago, I showered and planned to put on my PJs. But as I was in the shower, and I was, you know, […]

“Mild Winters,” My Ass

Return To Sender

We got this in the mail the other day. We’re sending it back, for obvious reasons.

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down

One of the great things about our new place is that I believe I’m sleeping better. I had gone over a week sleeping really well each night. I woke up and felt refreshed and damn near giddy. I feel like a rockstar when I get enough sleep. I didn’t sleep so great last night, and […]