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Crafting Is Total Bullshit

Okay, look at this. Cute, right? With the clouds, and the silver raindrops. The clouds are made of gray and white card stock, taped and glued to bamboo embroidery hoops. The rain drops are silver card stock, weighted with metal washers and hung on clear beading fishing line. I made this. I didn’t follow a […]

Nursery Preparations

We have a room in our apartment we have been calling “the boys’ room.” In the beginning, it was a free-for-all room for us to throw junk into. Then, it became Dave’s early morning changing room, so that he could get ready for work. And more importantly, he could make as big a mess as […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.10.11

Wall forest. We’ve been in Astoria for almost three months and it seemed time to unpack some art and make it look like we live here. With the map, and the bikes and the trees, I don’t know how much more Oregon chic we can get before we cause a rift in the hipster time/space […]

More Crafty Gifty Ideas

Hey! You! You should buy some of these! You see what that is there? It’s an ornament. It’s made of wire. And it’s twisted and contorted artfully into my name. My sister makes these and she’s selling them on Etsy. I ordered thirteen of these things to give to Dave’s family and they are awesome. […]

Making Up New Stuff

Last week was craptacular. There was a giant earthquake in an impoverished nation, democracy in America is about to be pwned by corporations, and I had to renounce my Massachusetts heritage. And I finally followed up on a stomach bug that I may have acquired waaay back, like, forever ago, like on this trip back […]