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Thank You

Okay, I’m getting this in now, while I can, while I’m thinking about it, before I explode, and before the next 18 to 26 years when I expect to misplace my brain and become a barely-literate, half-asleep zombie person. THANK YOU. Thank you to friends and family who have been there for us as we […]

A Little Less Than A Barrel Of Laughs

Note: I wrote this post about a month ago, just as I was just coming out of a deep hormone-induced depression. I feel better now. It was going to happen. It was inevitable. At some point, I was going to descend into that¬†unfulfilled, uncharted and underserved niche of people who get onto the internet and […]

This Is Going To Change Everything

As we were first getting used to the idea that I was pregnant, technically known as the “Oh Shit” Phase, I wondered about how to write about my¬†experiences. I know there is no shortage of preggo blogs and mommy blogs and earnest, heartfelt, indulgent blogs where people talk about their feeeeelings. It’s actually an amazing […]

Quiet Please

Do you ever wish you were a quiet little bunny? And you lived in a wonderful forest full of flowers and grass and cute, happy, friendly animals? And it was warm, and sunny, and beautiful all the time? And all the little animals all got along okay? All you needed to do all day was […]

I Can See My Age From Here

Here’s an actual real, post, instead of a repost during NaNoWriMo. Because this actually happened. Okay, so I’m not going to moan about getting old. I don’t feel old except I’m flabby and out of shape (which I would gladly complain about if it weren’t my own damned fault). And I wouldn’t want to go […]