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Declining The Invitation To Crazytown

I have met people, a lot of people actually, who are really, really good at fooling themselves. For various reasons. These are coworkers or family or friends, or the orbiting wackos in our lives. It takes a lot of effort to keep fooling yourself. We all fool ourselves, in varying degrees, out of self preservation. […]

Small Town Living

Even though it still feels like we’ve “just arrived,” we are coming up on two months that we have been in Astoria. The time is flying by. We’ve made a number of whirlwind weekend trips back and forth to Portland. We are often asked how we like Astoria and if we miss Portland. I sometimes […]

Getting Settled

This is a post about closets. I’m not kidding. We have SIX closets in our new apartment. Sssssiiiixxxx closets. We have more closet space in our new place than we had total square footage in our last apartment. I know it takes some audacity to write and post photos about my closet space. Why would […]

Managing Happiness

Thanks, everyone for your comments and support about Dave and I quitting our jobs and moving to Astoria. We realize we are in a lucky and uncommon position to look at the rest of our lives stretched out ahead of us, and to be able to “pick” what we want to do. We’ve looked at […]

In Defense of Being Less Than Honest

Okay, so I’m not a liar. But I’m not obsessed about telling the truth. When I hear someone say they need to be honest, or they defend Honesty At All Costs, regardless of the consequences, I find myself suspicious of their motives. Honesty seems like a virtue in most possible scenarios. I agree, for what […]