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Business Partners

Not long ago, I was talking to Dave about all our various web projects, blogging, and the businesses we are building together. I marveled at how lucky we are, that blogging is an interest we share. I wondered at how different our lives would be if we had fallen in love, but I was into […]

I’m Afraid Of Making Mistakes

I’ve heard a couple stories lately about people who seem to be suffering the ill effects of questionable choices earlier in their lives. I’ve heard about someone with continuous medical issues because of heavy drug use earlier in her life. Or someone else who is frequently in and out of jail for failure to pay […]

Here’s A Goddamn Happy List

Around the first of the year, I mentioned how great 2008 was for me, and that I felt as though I should sneak off with my good fortune and hope no one noticed. It seems perhaps that pendulum came swinging back this week. First with the health insurance denials. (As an update, I have about […]

I’m A Non-Confrontationist

I believe I have mentioned that I don’t have a TV, for various reasons. This is good, because I waste enough time as it is. I really don’t have the time to screen-lick Jon Stewart as much as I inevitably I would if I owned a TV. I have enough books to read, and organizing, and cleaning, […]