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If You Are Not an Accountant, Or Roman Catholic, This Will Not Be Interesting

And if you ARE an accountant or Roman Catholic, it will still probably not be interesting. No one knows what SAP stands for. It’s a big, fat, bloated accounting program that big companies use. But no one knows what SAP (S-A-P, not “sap”) means. Exciting answer here! And an equally befuddling acronym: CCD. Did you […]

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

I’m naturally a fairly anxious person. As of late, I have an extra number of large things to be anxious about. Unemployment is a fat big one. New city, no money, street parking, no furniture, etc, are all smaller worries that all mix together in a nice, piping-hot plate of Anxiety Pie with a side […]

Livin’ Like a Tom Petty Song

I don’t like to say I am living on the floor. I like to say I’m “free of furniture.” Because, you know, furniture is like, such a hassle, you know? Through all the upheaval, moving, vet visits, plane rides, other scary pets, long drives, scuzzy motels, my cat has endured like a champion. He can […]

Jobs, Apartments and Kitties

I’m looking for apartments. And a job. And freezing my ass off. More on this soon. But first, a movie of a cat with a cup on her face: Keetah With A Cup On Her Face from Mile73 on Vimeo. This is Keetah, my sister’s cat. This was a trick she performed herself. My sister […]

She’s Still Got It

Today. I woke up somewhat late. I didn’t sleep well. This might have something to do with the Narrowly-Averted-Though-Still-Panic-Inducing-Near-Tragedy that almost befell me when I tried to check into my hotel last night. I had booked my hotel through a couple weeks ago. They had my reservation on file (I called before leaving Hawaii […]