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A Camper! Fuck Yeah!

When I get chilled, my nose freezes. No, it really does freeze. Like ice. It freezes off. And then I have a blank spot in the middle of my face. Are you letting that image settle in your brain? But then my nose grows back like a starfish leg or a polliwog tail or whatever. I’m […]

Boys’ First Birthday: Camping In A Tent. Also, Cake Explosions

At the beginning of the year, just as we were able to make campground reservations for the summer, I booked our favorite site at Camp Creek for the boys’ first birthday. We did not want to have a typical first birthday party for the boys, with a load of people, a ton of gifts and […]

Weekend Away In A Straw Bale House In Sisters, Oregon

I have been fascinated by straw bales construction since I lived in southern California. One of my favorite places to camp was Joshua Tree National Park. I fantasized about buying some land in the desert and building a straw bale house amidst boulders and twisted branches and endless sun. I moved to Oregon and sort […]

Out In The Wilderness, Sorta

We are out in the wilds of central Oregon this weekend. I’d say we were roughing it, but we’re in a cabin with a hottub and this ridiculous view. You can’t see from this photo, but just a few yards from our cabin, there is a steep drop into a canyon below. We are a number of […]

Camping! In June! In Oregon! In the Rain!

Before we had our twin boys, we were tent campers. Not because we are hard core or rugged, sleep-on-the-ground type purists. We would gladly camp in a giant, shiny luxury RV. But tent camping costs about 1000% less. So we are “car” campers. We bring a stove and a cooler and an air mattress and […]