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This Never Gets Old

Time to trot this graphic out again. The final pieces are falling into place. We sign a lease today. We move our stuff next week. Very soon, we will be settled. It’s all very, very exciting for us. I’ve been thinking of writing a post about our year off, and all the various things we […]

File Under: Nuts, Running Around Like

Okay, so: Hello internet. I see you still exist even when I go away for a week or two. We have been running around like nutty whack-a-doos. Dave starts his new job in Portland *today.* Huge. This was the first big piece that needed to fall into place in order for us to move back […]

Humanity on Wheels: Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Please come to this thing we’re doing tonight and listen to us tell stories and stuff. It’s going to be fricken awesome.

Living Down By The River

I love reading the the Astoria PoliceĀ press logs. They are not always so entertaining, and sometimes they can be a bit depressing. But often, they contain little gems that make me smile. Astoria Police LogĀ 1/25/12 3:20 SUSP CIRCUMSTANCES “Report of something making a grunting noise in backyard of the house. Reporting unsure of what it […]

Did You Kiss Anyone Screening February 7th

Okay. Our friend Mike Vogel makes movies and stuff. He’s a funny guy and a fantastic writer, and he assembled a super talented cast and crew to make an original, all local film about “Marriage, sex, and shitting with the door open.” We blogged about being extras in the film two years ago. So it’s […]