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Twins, 18 Months-ish: Some Next Level Shit Over Here

Right. So. Both boys are walking. Our lives have changed. They both also somehow seem to have the energy of a swarm of chattering monkeys. Both of them. So, like, two whole swarms of chattering monkeys in our house, all the time. Thousands of monkeys. Everywhere. All the time. In just two little boys. I […]

I Suppose They’ll Work It Out In Therapy

I am enjoying the chillier weather because we were able to break out the bunny suits. I guess these are dinosaur suits. Really, Ma? Really? Yes. I am cute. But you are ridiculous. Can we just go and get this over with?

Testing The Boundaries Of Our Immune Systems

The guys love the swings. They LOVE the swings. The swings. They love them. There are a couple parks in our neighborhood that have baby swings. These are public parks and they are lovely. The weather in Portland usually turns chilly and dank by October. But we’ve had sunny, gorgeous weather this month. It’s been […]


In the 1990s, when I was in college and waiting tables, I screwed around with my hair quite a lot. It was almost always short, so it seemed pretty low investment if something went tragic with the science experiments I performed on my head. I look back wistfully, and with a little sting of embarrassment, […]