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Some Photos o PDX and SEA

Below, some photos from my trip to the PNW. I like three-letter abbreviations. They save so much time. Tori Amos was playing. Huge crowd waiting to get in. Christmastime in the city. Japanese Garden Big Fat Mocha Icon Space Noodles Fishes Veggies New red hat

Help! Stranded in Maui!

Quick! I’m running out of little umbrellas for my mai tais! Send help soon! Sunrise at 6:30 in the morning. This was the view from my room at the resort where the airline put us up for the night. The ocean was 30 feet from my balcony. The flight from Maui to Kona was canceled, […]

In Portland

I arrived yesterday. When I got here, it was SUNNY! There were big puddles on the ground, and big clouds in the sky, but the sun cast long, sharp shadows. I was assured that Monday was like the watery apocalypse. And today is socked-in with fog. I’d post a photo here, but no amount of […]