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Trying Not To Laugh

Our guys are fifteen months old. They are spastic little imps. That phrase popped out of my mouth recently. Someone asked me how the boys were doing and that is what I blurted out. “They are spastic little imps.” They have been screaming lately. Babies like to yell, right? They are testing their voices, making […]

I Must Not Bake Cookies

I love to bake. That may be the most predictable statement ever from a woman, who is a mom, who is home with kids, who has a cat, who blogs, who lives in Portland, Oregon. But I’m saying it: I love to bake. I have come to love baking more and more as I get […]

Twins: “I Don’t Know How You Do It.”

I hear this a lot and I usually say “I don’t know how we do it either.” I’m not just being flippant when I say this. I really don’t know how we do it. But at the same time, we don’t know any better. We have always had two babies. We have no idea if […]

“It Gets Easier.”

I hear this often. When I tell someone I have twin newborns, I get sympathetic, earnest looks and encouragement:  “It gets easier.” I believe this must be true, that it will get easier, at some time, some point in the future. Wait, no I don’t. I was told it gets easier when the babies get […]

This Is Our Life Now: 140 Diapers A Week

That’s twenty diapers a day. That’s a lot of butt changing.