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Operation Thunder Babies: Life With Twins, Month Two

Okay, so yes, I’m still here. Meaning, I exist, as a “person” in the “world,” though I haven’t been in front of my computer, much less on the “internet.” Because, you know. Babies. Two of them. I was about to write an inventory of my whole day, but then I got exhausted and bored just […]

Eating Dessert First

Welcome to my brain. This is an old, old habit. It’s one of those habits where I can’t recall when it ever began. It is so deeply woven into my behavior, and so automatic, it’s now just an indistinguishable part of my character. Here’s what I do: I hold my “fun” projects hostage. All the […]

Some Preggo Updates: Week 31

I still get people saying I’m not showing so much, especially for twins. Really? Can we talk about this? My belly button is still, just barely, pointing inward. It’s like watching someone inflate a balloon. They just keep going and going, and you see the balloon stretch, and you know that balloons can only get […]

Being Pregnant Is Super Trashy

I have spent the majority of my life not being pregnant. I’m pretty good at it. In almost 39 years, I’ve spent the majority of that time not wanting to be pregnant, for whatever reason. I remember the heady days of my twenties, and not having a boyfriend, yet still waking up in a sweat […]

Let’s Talk About Baby Shit

No really. Not baby “stuff,” as I have already briefly discussed. I mean poo poo. When I was a kid, we called it caca. Or cuckies. I don’t hear that quite as much these days, or I don’t hear that term quite as often on the west coast. But of course, it’s been ten or […]